Dr. Yashwant Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. (DYR Labs) started its journey in June 2009 as a publishing house. The publishing house is established as a company in 2012. After the formation of company, DYRLabs bring about major changes in the online publishing system and brought its journals’ attention to high quality indexing agencies. Presently DYRLabs is publishing 6 International Journals which are indexed with various indexing agencies including Scopus.

The infrastructure of DYRLabs includes a high end sophisticated analytical laboratory with instruments over 1.5 crores, a media house with all facilities for advertising to film making, an intellectual property consultation venture for patents/copyrights and other IP related services. In 2014 DYRLabs came up with ERP Division which specializes in making ERP softwares for its customers demanding high end accuracy. The mission of DYRL is to provide high end products to its customers and to make workflow as convenient and accurate as possibile. In this regard, our professional team lead by highly trained and experienced developers devoted countless hours in bringing up ERP solutions for large organizations. We made our ERPs for complete automation and eliminating manual errors. Our flagship product iClique ERP contains all modules to easily run organization upto 10,000 staff members and provide industry level accuracy with workflow.

Pushing Standards