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Publication Division


We are the first publishers in India who revolutionized the concept of Open Access Model. The Open Access Model was in little use before year 2009. But with the addition of workflow in publishing and providing information to other publishers, DYRLabs showed the way for rapid and quality publishing. With the start of our first Journal “International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research” we received tons of queries from publishers round the country which we replied with zeal and entusiasm. Due to our efforts, several publishers started using the same Open Access Model as presented by us. This not only increased Scientific publications from india exponentially but also, we made Reputed Indexing agencies to think strongly about Journals publishing from India. We are also among the very few publishers which were recognized by Scopus as quality publishers and are indexed with various indexing agencies.

The standards for International Publishing standards led us think in a new direction which resulted in our own dedicated IT division which is named as ERP division. Our ERP software is rated very high which is also known for its rock bottom pricing.

In coming future, DYRLabs Publication Division will provide a small but highly precise software for small institutions which will meet all of their information and publication requirements. We are looking forward for our institutional partners who can cooperate with our effort in making this software available free for all institutions across the world without any charge. It will help in creating more opportunities for less privileged ones.

Open Access Journals

Open Access Journals

Learning Management Systems

(Free and Paid Plans)

From 2017 DYR Labs is presenting Learning Managment System. Since, this is first year so on trial basis only One Online School is created with all courses. The Learning Management Platform will feature all cutting edge features like progress tracking, quiz, content drip, Certification on completion of course, video tutorials and many more. From 2018 we are going to provide LMS solutions to Universities with capabilities of 10,000 users every day. You can visit the above link to get a sneak peek of what is cooking up inside our developer lab.