Dr. Yashwant Research
Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Media Division



DYRLabs Media Division is an active producer of motion pictures in form of documentaries and short films. We just do not make films for commercial values but always have a desire to contribute to a meaningful cinema. Within one and a half year, DYRLabs Media Division has contributed to more than 40 short films and commercials to library of meaningful cinema.

After the success of several technical products, DYRLabs Media Division organized 1st Inspire Kalam International Film Festival at Press Club, Jaipur.

The Cheif Guest for the Program was Mrs. Shahista Ali (founder member “We are One India” Foundation)

Special Invited Guest for the program was Mrs. Shashmita Mukharjee (Venus films). She is the lady who launched Shahrukh in her superhit movie Bazigar.

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